Can't Upload Shopify Blog Post Images


I have created an automation connecting Wordpress to Shopify. My goal with this connection is to auto-post new Wordpress blog posts onto a Shopify blog.

My connection was created using a Wordpress Watch Posts and Shopify Create an Article.

Everything is working well besides the image upload piece. I am using the image url from the wordpress API, but every time I test the connection fails with the following error:


base: Image upload failed. Could not generate an image extension name…

I’ve attached a few screenshots - hopefully these are helpful.

Am I missing a step?

Hi @rewarden

I noticed that in the Image Data section, you directly utilized URLs for image data, which is not proper. To address this concern, I suggest add the HTTP get a file module to fetch the data from URL and then properly map it to Shopify.

Regarding Tags, creating them directly might not be feasible. Please explore the map option to ensure proper mapping in this scenario.

For further implementation, please contact us.

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I’m doing the exact same thing, and getting the exact same error.

Where /how can I add a “the HTTP get a file module”??

ok, I found it.
HTTP oddly doesn’t show up when you search for it with the other modules.