Cartesian Joins in Make/Integromat

I’m pretty familiar with SQL and Power Query, but some of the Make terminology messes with my head. I thought it was supposed to be easier than coding, but what it is is much harder to google solutions to simple problems than it is with, say, Python.

I’d like to know if a cartesian join is possible, and if not, I plan to use a different platform and cancel our Make subscription. I’ve literally spent hours researching this and haven’t found an answer. This is not promising, but I’ll give it one last shot.

example: we have a .csv coming in as source 1

Deal_ID Location Deal Name
123A Pond A Pond Test
123A Pond B Pond Test
123A Pond C Pond Test

Now, we have source 2:

Deal_ID Product
123A ATP
123A Amines
123A PO4

We need the following to upload into our CRM:

Deal_ID Location Deal Name Product
123A Pond A Pond Test ATP
123A Pond B Pond Test ATP
123A Pond C Pond Test ATP
123A Pond A Pond Test Amines
123A Pond B Pond Test Amines
123A Pond C Pond Test Amines
123A Pond A Pond Test PO4
123A Pond B Pond Test PO4
123A Pond C Pond Test PO4

This HAS to be possible in Make for it to be a viable solution for our business. We got Make with the entire purpose of using it to manage line item information in HubSpot, so it’s nonnegotiable that it does a task like this without custom add-ons or outside applications (if we need an outside application to do a simple task like this, we can probably use that application for our entire process in lieu of Make). But it’s a no go if it can’t do simple things like this (it boggled my mind that Airtable, also, was unable to do something like this, but whatever; these platforms will either have to adapt or die).

Welcome to the Make community!

It certainly seems possible. Instead of using the term “cartesian join”, could you break it down to steps?


For each row in Source 2, loop through each row in Source 1, if Deal_ID matches in both rows, output a new record combining the Deal_ID and all other columns from both sources.

Is this explanation correct?

Can you provide an example of both CSVs in plain text format, so that we are on the same page?


Deal_ID,Location,Deal Name
123A,Pond A,Pond Test
123A,Pond B,Pond Test
123A,Pond C,Pond Test