CC multiple bundles into one 365 email

Hi All,

I am trying to create a scenario to send a single email to multiple recipients where their email is collected from multiple bundles.

I have tried iterators, aggregators and set variable tools but continue to get errors. I even tried creating a string of all email addresses separated by a comma and then using split(email;,) in the ‘to recipients’ but that didn’t work either.

I can get the scenario to send an individual email to each recipient seperately, but I want to send a single email to all either via ‘to recipients’ or ‘cc recipients’ so any replies are received by all (providing they hit reply all!)

I scoured the forum and found a few potential solutions but none seem to work for me. The split email suggestion was for a gmail module, but 365 doesn’t seem to like it. I keep getting invalid address errors.

Any help would be appreciated!!

Hi there.

The thing here is that the MS 365 Email module requires a complex array of name and email values in the “to” field. So, if you want to add multiple recipients from multiple bundles to the “to” field, I would suggest using the “Aggregate to JSON” module. This will include creating a data structure with an array of name and email values. Then, you need to parse this created JSON string and finally you can map the array into the “to” field.

Hopefully, the attached blueprint will help to get you on the right track.


blueprint (6).json (16.1 KB)

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