Chat GPT integration

Hello! I’m trying to create an automated process wherein I receive emails, then I run it through chat GPT to check if it is a question or not, if it is a question, it gets saved into Airtable, if not then it doesn’t save it. With the current state of make, is this possible?

Hey @Musngi_Junariez

Yes, you can achieve this in Make.

First, analyze your email text with ChatGPT and write a prompt according to it. For example, ask ChatGPT to give an answer in one word, either “YES” or “NO.”

Next, use a filter between the ChatGPT and Airtable modules. If ChatGPT’s output is “YES,” the process will proceed to the next module (Airtable). If the output is “NO,” it will not proceed further.


Thankyou so much! I will work on this! I just didn’t want to start working on something that’s still pretty impossible, but now that I’m sure it’s doable then I’ll start working on it! heheh Thank you sir!

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Sorry, real quick question, what chat GPT module can I use to analyze the email?

You can use the Create a Chat Completion module.

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