ClickUp Custom field Filter not working

Hello, I’m trying to do an automation that uploads an approved invoice to a Google Drive folder when someone approves it on ClickUp.

The idea is that when someone changes the Custom Status to APPROVED it should trigger the automation in make to upload the invoice saved in that same task, so I need to apply a filter just for the APPROVED invoices, the problem is that I can’t make it work properly. Can anyone help me? what am I doing wrong?

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Please provide the output bundle of the trigger module by running the scenario, then click the bubble on the top-right of the trigger module, save the contents as a bundle.json file, and upload it here into this discussion thread:


This will allow others to better assist you. Thanks!


Hi Raul,

drop down custom fields from ClickUp don’t show the actual values in Make. Instead its the position number of the choice where 0 is the first one from top down. So in your case APPROVED will be 1.

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Thanks, I will share that too!!

I see, so what should the Filter Condition be in this case? I tried with the position number too, but I used Numeric Operators as a Filter Condition, and it did not work. Thanks for replying!!

I’ve just used this one “Text operators: Equal to” and you put the number, here is a screenshot of a working filter where the client selects the product type in a drop down in ClickUp and we sent it down different routes in Make.

Oh!! I saw my mistake, I was using NUMERIC OPERATORS, and I just needed to change it to TEXT OPERATORS! thanks, I just tested it, and it is working!

Small hint: if the order of the custom field is changed, the number also changes.