ClickUp Custom Field Notification

My Goal:
On one of my ClickUp lists I have 15 custom fields, with a watcher for each list task. I want to setup an automation in which the watcher (the sales agent) will get an email notification when only specific custom fields are updated, because it would frustrate these agents to get notifications for every single update to a list item, since they do get updated with some regularity.

What I have tried so far:
I have tried to do this within ClickUp, but I am limited by the fact that these fields are date fields and the date field automation is limited to selecting “from” and/or “to” dates, and to only run when 'task is created" and “task is updated”. I don’t want to have to choose a specific date - I just want each watcher to be notified via email when the field is populated/updated with any date. I could create the “Add a comment” action to the automation, but how do I get it to tag the watcher for that specific task? These sales agents have their CU notifications turned off for updates to tasks, because this list is used by multiple departments.

I am not sure how to make this work in Make, if it is even possible. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Matthew,

you can use the Make Watch Tasks module and place a filter immediately after it to limit only the custom fields you need to pass forward. Or you can setup a ClickUp automation to call a webhook when the specific custom fields change and use the Custom Webhook module as the start of your Make scenario.