ClickUp - Filtering: Task name = Dropdown Custom field

Within ClickUp, I have two lists currently that I am trying to get to communicate with the goal being to email contracts to assigned photographers and videographers for a particular client’s event using Make automation. As a warning, I am using Photographers/Videographers interchangeably with the word Shooters throughout my post.

The process from start to finish would be as follows:

Multiple dropdown custom fields are selected on a Client’s event task, the custom fields are names of photographers/videographers
Once all shooters we want to assign are selected, we would change another dropdown custom field from “Creating Assignments” to “Assignments Issued”, which then with ClickUp automation, calls a webhook on Make to trigger the automation in Make.
The Make automation then gets the task that called the webhook (Get a Task)
Then Make “Lists all Tasks” in the 2nd list on ClickUp, which is our Shooter database. The tasks in this list are all named after the Shooters.
With the two bundles from “Get a Task” and “List all Tasks” I want to have the data filtered so that the Dropdown Custom Field option is equal to the Name of a Task in the Shooter database - which is my roadblock.
After that, the module pulls the fields it needs from the Shooter Database tasks, and we’re off the races.

Images of my output from “Get a Task”:

From my understanding, using the Custom Fields (in red), will only give me the UUID of the custom field, and I need to do mapping of the Custom Fields original (in blue), to pull the names of the options and the value associated with them.

Green boxes are the names of the Dropdown Custom fields, only two are shown but there will be at least another 2, and ideally I’ll have all 4-5 of these selected Dropdown custom fields, send their respective shooters their contract. I haven’t even attempted to implement that into Make yet since I am stuck where I’m at, but I am (fairly) resourceful and I think I can figure it out once I can fiddle around with the data connecting the way I want it to… but clearly out of my depth on this mapping of data. I know of ways to get around this, but unfortunately these workarounds would either require manual data entry, or at best copy and pasting information from another source (whether it be another list on ClickUp or a spreadsheet) into a text based custom field to connect the two pieces of information I need. Obviously, I am trying to avoid the human error factor.

I have tried to do reading on the subject, however it’s been well over 20 years since I have even tried to interpret code (did HTML, very little C++ and java in Highschool), so sadly I am feeling a little defeated. I am confident this is possible with the way I have it set up structurally, I am just lost on how to map the data into values in a way that allows for me to scale the automation. I read somewhere that I may need to do an API Call to ClickUp to make this possible but that is also very out of my depth lol.

If more details are needed please let me know and I am sorry if I am asking too much. I just started using Make this past week and am really loving the few automations I have come up with so far. At the moment I am just building all the pieces that we’ll need to automate as much as possible in our current workflow, and then once I have everything set up for a demo then I’ll show it to the owner of the company and get approval to implement in full scale. If anything that I am looking to do with this current automation requires paid features I am definitely open to buying now if it’s necessary, but I would prefer to wait until I have my demo completed.

Thank you for any guidance, suggestions, or lessons you can share with me to help

Shortly after writing this post, I found a tutorial video from someone in the community on the forum after searching with different terms. Hopefully it points me in the right direction. If I am still stuck I’ll comment again begging once again lol.

Yep… so still lost, but totally destroyed my ops per month trying haha. I am just going to reconsider how I am approaching this and do it without using the dropdown custom fields