Creating an automation that when a custom field changes in clickup, a task is deployed in another list

We are trying to set up an automation for our content creation process in clickup. We utilize custom fields so that we know where content is in the process from video creation, to video editing, to creating a blog post corresponding to the video, creating captions for posts on our social channels etc.

We are wanting to set up an automation where when the custom field changes that a task template is deployed for that next process. So once the video is created, and we change the custom field to video editing, the template for the video editing and review process is automatically deployed. But we can’t seem to find where we can create an automation in Make based upon custom fields.

Hi @Support_DivineSocial ,

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Although I’m sure this can be done in Make, I believe it is possible to create that automation within ClickUp, without needing Make.

Here is a screenshot:

If you do need more help, do come back and let us know any problems you’re coming up against, and I’m sure the community would be happy to help!

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