Clickup - How to apply a template to a subtask?

Hi there! I’m trying to create a task in clickup using make, when the task is created, I want to then create a subtask inside of that task and I want that subtask to have a template applied to it from one of my clickup templates. How am I able to do this? Could someone provide me a basic step by step? It seems like the create a task template automation does not allow me to map that template onto a subtask that is already created, or to create a subtask with a template inside of a task. Not sure how to do this…

In order for the us in the community to be able to assist with your question, we would need to get more information like:

  • What are you trying to achieve with the scenario? (eventual goal)
  • What steps have you taken so far to resolve your issue?

Also, please take a camera-viewfinder-duotone screenshot of your scenario along with the relevant module configurations and share-all-duotoneshare the images here so that the community has a deeper understanding of how we could help.

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I am having a simular issue.
Use case:
Someone Signs up triggering make.
I want to create a new “setup” checklist in clickup from a template called “Saas Setup”.
It cant find the templates I have in clickup…

I can check later inside my own ClickUp, but I think you will need to refer to the template ID rather than it’s name.

ClickUp generally prefers ID’s over textual names.

thanks! I tried to find the template ID but didn’t have luck from that end.

@Gabe_Ripley If you want to map the template instead of using the select box, you need to use the ID of the template (which starts with “t-”), the name like you have above won’t work.
If it’s not working, please show what you are doing and whats not working.

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Thanks, How do I find the template ID in Clickup? My templates are not showing up in the popup.

You can use the “List task Templates” module

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Thank you so much for the replies! I’ll look into all of this.

One more question! When using the list all subtasks trigger, is there a way to list the subtasks only to one nested level and list them from 1st subtask to last? When I use the trigger is randomly collects and lists all subtasks inside of my clickup task as out of order and random, not how they are nested and organized in my clickup task. I don’t know how to tell the trigger in make to list the subtasks in alphabetical order and for instance only list the subtasks nested on one level, I don’t need to see deeper nested subtasks but the make trigger when I use list all subtasks it shows me in a very random order… Anyone know how to solve this in make?


I guess my issue is the api doesnt see the templates, either through the module or popup. Maybe clickup needs to be a more advacned account? I’m on free plan…

@BeyondCode when you list tasks each item will have a “parent” object. If there is a parent it means its a subtask. This way you can identify it.

@Gabe_Ripley it might be the issue not sure, try to recreate the task template and see if that works


Ok, I have more figured out!

Somewhat related question, is there a way in make to create a list from a template or just tasks?
How about setting permissions for the new task/list? I’d like to plop the new URL created into our navigation automatically (seems I might have to set permission manually still?)

@Gabe_Ripley Take a look at the ClickUp API. You can find all information what is possible there:

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