"Clone a folder" Module? : Clone a Google Drive folder with files and sub-folders

I am creating a folder in Google Drive when a job is assigned in SmartSuite.
I need to populate the newly created folder with template files and subfolders.

For now I could get this done by using the “create folder” and “copy a file” modules, however copying the files one by one.

I couldn’t find a “Copy a folder” module available and not sure if there’s an alternative and more efficient way of achieving this?

I have around 15 files that will use many Ops, and what if I have 50 files?

Any hints? better solutions?

The scenario looks artistic though :sweat_smile:.

Unfortunately, there is no single API that allows moving multiple files at once(you might be able to use Batch API for this though) and also there is no way to copy the folder through the API.

As per the document, Folders cannot be copied. However, you can create a base folder structure and then try Batch API to copy all the files at once. I need to review it thoroughly however it should work regardless, you need to be mindful of GDrive API quotas.


Thanks again @Runcorn
It looks like the scenario I’ve created is the “right” way to do it without using the Google APIs.

I’ve also posted this on LinkedIn here:

and got a similar answer from another expert.