Copy a folder in Google Drive

Hello everyone, do you know if there is a solution to copy a directory from Gdrive? I need to make copies of a Template directory by renaming it
There only seems to be a move folder function or a copy file function, but neither of these allow copying a folder.
Thank you for your help.

Hi @sakuraya,

I don’t think it is is possible to copy a Folder in GDrive, through both Make and GDrive API as it is not permitted.

What you can do is,

  1. Create a Google AppsScript that will create a new folder and then copy all the files from your template directory to new directory
  2. Or, Via Make,
  • Create a New Folder
  • Iterate Over the Template Directory
  • Copy the file from Template Directory to new Folder.

Thank you very much. I ll try that.

Heya @sakuraya happy Friday :sunny:

I just wanted to swing by and see if you maybe had a bit of time to give @Runcorn 's suggestion a go. Did it do the trick for you? Feel free to share, we’re curious to know :nerd_face:

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