Combine Google Drive Create Folder actions to save operations


Newbie question…

I have a scenario that is triggered by Jotfom submission for a new clinet, which will create a full folder structure for that client. Currently it creates 6 folders, copies a default file and uses 8 operations.

This could get significantly more complicated, so the number of operations will only go up.

Is there any better approach or best practice that will address this operations count ofr a simple process like this?

Hello @mdb213,

With Google Drive, their API only allows for creating a single file/folder at a time and there doesn’t appear to be a way to supply an array to create multiples in a single call.

It might be possible to create a custom app and module that can accept an array and run the API call once for each element of the array of folder names to be created.

I’ve not tried this before, but another possibility is using the 0codekit app to run Python code in the cloud, which may, in turn, be able to run the number of API calls against Google Drive API to get all the folders created. There are also other modules capable of running JavaScript. Either way, there would be additional charges for the usage.


Good ideas, will try. This is a common requirement from a few customers at the moment. Thankf rot aking the time to answer