Combine long string within collection on Notion

Hi Makers,

Am I doing something wrong here with my ‘List Page Contents’ module as I’m getting back 3 collections with my text content in different long string variables. However, on my Notion page, the whole text is within a single block. Is there any way that I can combine these long string together and get them back into a single variable?

I’ve tried using a text aggregator but it does not seem to combine the multiple 'long string’s into one.

Subsequently, I would also like to combine multiple Notion pages (which result in 2 or more operations) into one variable so that I can run that new single page as a Single operation. Does anyone know what I can do to achieve this? Would using a datastore help me achieve my desired outcome?

Thank you all! :slight_smile:

Hi @Musoka

I observed that the lengthy text string originates from the rich_text array.

To gather all the strings, you can use an iterator that itorate the rich_text array, and then utilize the text aggregator option to aggregate the long string.

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Thanks for that @Msquare_Automation ! Do you also know how I might be able to subsequently combine the long string from two different operations into one single operation so that I can run a ChatGPT module through it?

I have seen your solution here: Combine Operation Values into single string - #3 by Baileo

Should I select the source module as the iterator, text aggregator or the notion?

Hi @Musoka

Make a aggregator with all operation out and again iterate and text aggregate the data.

@Msquare_Automation Is my source module incorrect? I selected the first module that generated 2 operations.

Yes you need to use the source module properly to avoid the 2 operations