Combine multiple bundels into a single string of text

Hi all, I need to combine the different bundles in this module into a single string.

The format should be Speaker A: sentence. Speaker B: sentence. Speaker A sentence. etc.

I’ve tried all sorts of aggregator without success. Seen tons of videos. Nothing.

Please help.


Hi, isn’t there only one bundle? And the items you marked are items in an array inside that Bundle 1.

I am just learning Make (close to the end of my intermediate course). Trying to see some posts to learn more about it.

Does iterator help in this case to separate the array items as multiple bundles then aggregate them using text aggregator?

(Edited) Ok, I am trying this. I have used iterator to get the items from the bundle as multiple bundles. Then used a variable to get the parameters and values I need. Then I used Text aggregator to combine two values. But I am not sure about the next steps. Let’s have a look, if it helps somehow…



Hi @Pushapp and @KaziGoni! Both welcome to the Make community!!

@KaziGoni is right, it’s exactly the way to do! However, the screenshot shows a Set Multiple Variables module, that will be not useful here. You need to use only Text Aggregator, just after the Iterator.

  • in Source Module you select the Iterator
  • in Row separator, select: Other
  • in Separator, select: .
  • in Text, compose the string you want for each speaker: Speaker <map speaker field from the Iterator>: <map text field from the Iterator>