Combining multiple updates to a Followup Boss lead

Good afternoon! I’m unsure if this is a Make or a Followup Boss issue, so I’m starting here.

I have a scenario that updates a Followup Boss lead when certain tags are added.
Update Client Type on Tags update+xfrCapture.json (360.8 KB)

There are 4 routes that both update a custom field and add an additional tag. For example:
Followup Boss-Tag and Contact update

The Add Tags method allows me to determine if the additional tag will add to or overwrite the existing tags on the lead.

I also have the opportunity to add a tag via the Update a Contact method.
Followup Boss-Contact update

However, the existing tags are always overwritten when I go this route. The ability to add the tag via Update a Contact would simplify my design and, more importantly, save me an operation on every lead update. I would appreciate any thoughts on what I might be doing incorrectly or overlooking here. Please let me know if any additional data or explanation would be helpful.

Todd Cook