Comma separated value to new row and new column in google sheets

Hi community, I am new to make and I need help with something.

Problem 1 :

As a webhook output, I’m getting comma separated values which I want to put it in new rows for every comma separated values. I’m using google sheets make an api call module to append multiple data at once. Right Now it is appending all of it in a single cell, I want it to go to the next row for each comma separated value.


Problem 2:

Below is the output of webhook where each gets populated in separate rows. I want the value after comma to be updated in the adjacent column not the same one.
Brand 1, quantity
Brand 2, quantity
Brand 3, quantity
Brand 4, quantity

blueprint (2).json (6.6 KB)

Hello @shamanth,

In your Google Sheets module, you’ll need to specify the range you want to append to.
Right now it’s “A:A” which is column A only.
You should specify it as something like A1:B4 if you’re writing something with 2 columns and 4 rows.

If you’re appending to a sheet that already has data, you’ll need to figure out the last used row (X) then start your append at the next row (X + 1) and end your range at X + 1 + Number of rows added.

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