Compare URLs in an AT Search records module


Trying to compare URLs in a Search records module in MAKE.

Want to find the 1 record where the URL in the table equals a URL passed from a previous module in MAKE.

Can’t get it to work… the formula in AT directly does work, but within MAKE, it simply does not. Added the trim function just in case, tried with the URL as URL field and as text field in AT… tried with typing = and with the = operator sign in MAKE. Nothing seems to work. Where am I going wrong here?

{{if(trim(11.uri) = trim(“{Record URI}”); 1; 0)}}


Hi @arruga

Are you sure you need to add those double quotes? The trim module doesn’t require those quotes.

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Nah… just came across when pasting from MAKE
See the image… with or without trim, it’s giving no results

Was curious about what your URL looks like, Can you share that, from the looks of it the formula that you are using looks good and should work.

Can you either share the values that you are getting from the URL and the Record URI that you are using in the formula?

But, I guess you are implying that the if formula in Make is working as expected, and it results either 1 or 0 and it is not working on the app end end right?

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I set the AT field as URL, and also as text

Attached the MAKE module URI, and the one I got in AT
The formula is resulting in ZERO bundles passed on, whereas there should be in

Yeah, I think you are writing the formula wrongly because the formula that you are using is used to pass the search/find a formula to Airtable and it will be processed in Airtable and will result records if matched.

What you want to do is structure your formula like this,

TRIM({Invoice Link}) = “

here, Invoice Link = Your URL column name in Airtable
and, you can apply the trim and replace the URL that I have with the one you get as a variable mapping

Thanks man… the bloody quotes ahead and after the variable mapped from previous module did the trick!

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