Help - Airtable Search Record Formula

Hi everyone,

I have a scenario sending infos from piwaa (linkedin connected inbox) to my airtable

For the module Airtable search records, I have a formula to help finding the record concerned

I want it to find the right record to update thanks to the linkedin url, OR if it’s not possible, firstname + lastname + company name

My formula is not working and I can’t figure out why…

Thanks a lot in advance for your help :pray:

Not that used to with Airtable formulas, but do let me know if this is what you want; you are searching for either Profile URL Matches OR Name/Company/LastName matches right?

You should structure your formula like this,

      {linkedin_profile_url} = "[TEST](", 
       {first_name} = "JOHN"
       {last_name} = "DOE"
       {current_company_name} = "ACME Company"

Since This is more related to the formula that you are using, you might find a better solution in the Airtable community.

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Thank you a lot its working now :grin::pray: