Complex Array Integration

Hi everyone,
I’ve been trying to have a stab at the following automation over the past couple of days. I run a lead gen agency; my aim with this automation is to notify them each week:

  1. how many leads were generated, and
  2. the names of each lead generated.

The problem I’m having is with the second step. I have successfully—with Arrays and Aggregators—been able to write in the email step how many leads were generated; sending this email to each client. Yet I’m struggling to aggregate based on each lead name, as the aggregator won’t allow me to combine multiple lead names into one string…

I’m wondering how it may be possible to combine multiple lead names across multiple rows in Google Sheets so I can reference it in the email weekly for the client.

What you can do is utilize the join function on the resultant array, which will combine all the names into a single string.



If the resultant array is list of collection then you will need to use map function,


Dude, you’re a legend. Just went ahead and used the join(map(array; company name) to collect them.

Thank you!!!

Do you know if there’s a way to push together information from all fields? I.e. map more than just company names

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It is not possible via Map, but what you can do is use Text Aggregator instead of Array Aggregator.

For calculating the number of leads, you don’t need to use an array aggregator and can simply get that through length function.

I see, thank you.

Just a slight issue here using the Text Aggregator. Inputting a straight array leads to “Collection”, or inputting each field individually only exports one lead.

Thoughts here on how to export all the leads without it coming up as a collection of info? :slight_smile:

Just sent you a linkedin invite

Many thanks for your help

@Runcorn just thought id tag in case it didnt notify

Hi sorry for the late response, I am not entirely sure what is the output of your aggregator and how you are using the results in subsequent modules.

What you can do is after the array aggregator, add an iterator and then a text aggregator, which will allow you to format the data for multiple tests to your liking.

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