Compress google drive folder into zip

i have this scenario which creates PDF’s from a google doc template and upload all the pdf’s in a single google drive folder.

the problem is i couldn’t find any module to archive this created folder
i tried the archive module but the module requires “Data” in binary to archive this

is there a way to compress all the pdf’s into a single zip folder ?
or just to compress the folder itself.

Thank you


No, It is not possible to archive/compress a folder in Google Drive using Google APIs, which in turn applies to the capability of what Make can do with it. So, It is not possible to compress a folder in Google Drive through Make. And, Same goes for using the Archive Module, One solution you can do is archive individual files and then upload it to a new GDrive Folder, which I believe is not something you are looking for.

Another solution will be to use Google Apps Script and Leverage Google Drive APIs in conjunction with the Compression library( to do it. I haven’t tried it myself but I believe it will work, You need to set up a Google Apps Script that can be triggered from Make through HTTP Module which will compress the specified folder and create a new file out of it.

Someone else in the community proficient with GAS will be able to point you to correct direction.