CONCATENATE and SUBSTITUTE functions from Google Sheet to Make

Hi all,

I have a Google Sheet function that I am trying to replicate in Make and need some assistance!

I am using Google AppSheet app to take some photos, and AppSheet stores the images in a temporary, not publically available location. I have been using a Google Sheet formula to create a hosted URL which I can then access the images for later manipulation.

The AppSheet temporary location for an image is, for example:

MKTG Input_Images/1234 Test St - 09-25-2023 07-47-47 _6320078551585706616.Image_01.143436.png

The Google Sheet cell formula to create the URL is:

=SUBSTITUTE(CONCATENATE(““,“Marketing-1354396”,”&tableName=","MKTG Input”,“&fileName=”,“MKTG Input_Images/1234 Test St - 09-25-2023 07-47-47 _6320078551585706616.Image_01.143436.png”), " ", “%20”)

The desired output of the formula is:

What I would like to do is remove the necessity to jump through the Google Sheet and natively create the URL in Make as a variable.

Can anyone help me please?

Hello @dgee9663,

You may try using the encodeURL() function which will convert the spaces and any other characters that need to be converted in that string. I hope this helps!