Concatenate into a variable

I need to concatenate two data mapped from and array as this
variable direccionempresa = mapped value 1 + " " + mapped value 2

Now the variable is like this

Captura de pantalla 2023-08-02 184315

I used &, space and did’t work. It only output first mapped value 1
any idea?
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Hey @ipoblete

Did you try using the ‘+’ sign in the ‘Math functions’ tab?

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hello @Olly_Ats
Finnaly it worked with

{{get(map(; “value”; “type”; “STREET_NAME”); 1)}} {{get(map(; “value”; “type”; “STREET_NUMBER”); 1)}}

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Hello @ipoblete :wave:

I just want to quickly step in to say awesome work figuring this out :clap:

Thanks a lot for coming back in here and sharing your final setup with the rest of us. This is super valuable and can be incredibly helpful to others looking for similar information in the future :pray:

FYI: I am marking your last comment as a solution to keep the community organized and easy to search for answers. :white_check_mark: