Conditional content in Google Docs from template

Hello everyone,

I have a form that sends information to Make ;

  • customer name
  • customer address
  • duration of subscription (1, 2 or 3 years)

This data is sent to Google Docs, via scenario and the module “Create Google Doc from template”. Of course, this Google Docs template contains {{customer name}}, {{customer address}} and {{subscription duration}} variables.

My problem :
I’d like to display different content depending on whether the subscription duration value is 1, 2 or 3 years. The content i want to display conditionally is not only a simple paragraph. It can be a table, for example.

I’ve heard about the “IF” condition in Google Docs templates (Use If expressions in templates - AppSheet Help)

Is it possible to use this with Make?

Thanks for your help.


I think it would be better and easier to have it set up like this below where each route has specific filters + each Google Doc is specific to which template to use. You can still use the IF() conditional functions but that would be too complicated which would require lots of trial and error. So in this case, it would be best to have prebuilt templates for each subscription duration then just add a filter after the router, just need to map the “Subscription” field in the filter’s conditions: