Configuration of Salesforce -> opportunity closed lost

Hi guys,
I need to link this sheet automatically with lost opportunities(Closed_Lost) in g doc sheet.
which register should I consider from your list?
I am attaching the .csv of the report that I can export from SF. obviously I do a copy-paste and put it in my gdoc manually every 2 days. I’m sure you can help me!
Thank you


Hi @Davide_Macrelli,

Not sure if this is best approach to do this, there might be better solution that other can point us towards.

What you can do is Setup the scenario to look like this,

  1. Use Watch Record Fields in Salesforce module, In here choose your record type, I believe it will be Opportunity Field. After which chose the filed equivalent to fase, it should be Stage right in Salesforce
  2. Now use the same add a row module to populate the desired Google Sheets
  3. Add a filter in between, first and second module, click the … in between module and add a filter, filter will be if stage == Closed_Lost

And, now enable the scenario, you can run it probably every 1 hour or lower if required.


Hi sir,

thanks for the reply! I don’t understand how to find the old record → in gmail I use “watch all mails”. so I can jump duplicates but register also old records…
could you know a solution for that?