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Hi I am trying to have records travel from an object in Salesforce into Google Sheets which is not an issue. My issue arises when I have someone update a record in Salesforce but need to put in a router to filter out only records that have a Salesforce ID already in the Google sheet to be updated as opposed to adding a new record but I am getting errors which I believe is due to the update a row Google Sheets module. It asks for Row Number which I tried to populate with the Salesforce Identifier which is the unique ref point for the sheet but I got an error because of this. I cannot put in a row number as there may be many records which will be updated

Hi @bbyrne
Please use search record in google sheet moduleand then you will have the row id. You can search based on salesforce record ID. If it doesn’t found it will add a row and when you add a row insert a record id ao that next time it will find it and update it.
Thank you


Hi @CodexSolutions

I added the search record piece and have this working to some degree but my issue now is that if there is no row found and it is a new record it won’t add the record, I am also trying to incorporate delete into the flow where if there is a record deleted in salesforce it will delete from the google sheet but have not got this to work either

As I mentioned after search you have to add 2 filters 1 side if record found and other side is record not found.
Add a row if not found
Update a row if found


Hi @CodexSolutions thanks for that. Also, I am trying to add a router for deleting a record from the Google sheet if the record is deleted in Salesforce. Is this possible to do?

Please look for watch modules on salesforce if it watch for deleted record too.
You can serach record and delet it too

May be watch for Updates on sales force. And delet a record and see how it looks does it come with status of delete if so apply a filter a delete that record from sheet

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