Configuration of Text Parser Replace to take out links


I have an automation that is receiving newsletter via a RSS.
I have 2 text parser in place. One to transforme html into text
One that need to take out the link of the text ((https://…))
I am strugling on the second one. Can someone help me ? Tks Philippe

A zoom showing the case :

Hi @Philippe_Tschanun

To solve your issue, please use the method mentioned in the below loom.

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Tks for youranswer and having taking the time to help me. It really helped. Have a nice day

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Here is the pattern code I had to put in the Replace module to take out links… by the way, I ask chatgpt to create it and it worked. Cheers



Hello @Philippe_Tschanun :wave:

I just wanted to quickly step in and say thank you for coming back here and sharing your final step to getting this up and running. Super valuable stuff :pray: