Connect more than 1 input to module?

Let’s say I route scenario trigger to 2 text parser modules that generate some outputs.
I need to use both outputs in next module (lets say Google Calendar/Create an Event).

Make only allows connecting 1 input module. What am I missing?
Is there something like a reverse of Router - i.e. Join?

@marwis welcome to the community!

You should be able to do that in sequence pretty easily

Source Module —> Text Parser 1 ----> Text Parser 2 ----> Output module

for output module lets call it an email

email contents equals
output of textparser 1 + output of text parser 2.

No router or converger required in this case.

Modules (typically) can call individual output of all prior modules on the same path that have not been “aggregated”


William may well be correct about you not needing a “converger”.

However, for situations that DO require it, here’s one solution…
This example shows a split route doing work and saving the output, then a third route gets the previously save data and does more work:

The key is in saving the data with the set multiple variables module, then getting it with the get multiple variables module:

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Does this work for capturing photos as attachments to an email?