Connect Tally & Webflow


I hope you are all well :wink:

i created a webflow website (not online for now) : Webflow - P1969

We are creating a simple website who helps people find the good racket for the Padel.

For doing that, we create a tally form and we ask them if they are a men, their playstyle, their lovely brand…

Next step, we want to get the results and display automatically in webflow the 3 bests racket for them with links to shops.

Webflow → open a tally form → answers 10 questions → algorithm to find the best racket (do you have idea ? we can use google sheet as a data base, received the data form tally, automatically select the 3 bests from the answers) → return to Webflow → Display the 3 rackets on a page results.

Ty for your help.

Have a nice day !