Connect Woocommerce and Sendinblue to send order confirmation email with complex attributes

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I want to create a transactional email to confirm each new order for my Woocommerce website. I use Sendinblue for emailing. The available attributes using Sendinblue’s plugin for Woocommerce are poor. I need more details (for example, custom fields informations).

I need to make a loop in my Sendinblue email template to show each item in the order.

I want to show attributes like {{ }} {{ item.quantity }} {{ }} …

For example, an order with 2 items in the output of the Woocommerce “Whatch orders” connector for Make :

In the Sendinblue connector “Send an email”, in the advanced settings “params”, I put this array called lineItems :

But when I watch the result (input in the Sendinblue “Send an email” connector), I suppose that it’s just a string : [Collection]

How can I send the entire array lineItems in Sendinblue ?

(I tried toArray() and it did not work).

Thanks for your help !! :pray:

Hey @Sylvain you need to use an “iterator” and a “text aggregator” to get what you are looking for.
The iterator goes over the array of data, and then the text aggregator adds up all variables together.

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Thanks Bjorn.drivn,

It works to show simple text but I would like to use Sendinblue drag & drop editor’s feature that permits to make a loop : I can create a html bloc with complex attributes like {{ }}, {{ item.quantity }}, {{ }}, the url of the item in my shop, the url of the picture of my item, etc and to loop.

Here is the Sendinblue documentation :

It is a for-loop ( ) like that :

{% for VARIABLE in params. PARAMETERNAME %}
{{ VARIABLE .name }} - {{ VARIABLE .price }}
{% endfor %}

But in drag&drop editors it’s a graphical interface :


Then I think I need to send an array of my items in “params“. But I don’t know if the “send an email” connector in Make for Sendinblue permits that ?

Hey @Sylvain I missed this one, were you able to solve it:?


Not ATM. I don’t know how to find if the “send an email” connector in Make for Sendinblue permits to send an array. I think the answer is NO :

In this case, I think the solution can be very complex !

Thanks !