Connecting a Webhook to Create an Invoice on Quickbooks Online


I’m trying to take a completed order form from a website (Pixfizz) using a webhook and using the data in that order form to create an invoice in Quickbooks Online. I keep getting different errors each time I run the flow, so I’m not sure if it’s the JSON or QB that I should be fixing.

This is the flow with the error:

This is the input into the ‘Create an Invoice’ module:

I’ve tried mapping different items to that module, but with no success.

From other templates i’ve seen, i’ll need to create invoices based on if a client needs to be created first or not. So i’ll need to make sure it works on both:

Here’s the blueprint:
blueprint.json (194.4 KB)

Thanks in advance for the assistance and guidance.



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Looks like you are incorrectly mapping the customer email in the customer ID field.