Quickbooks Create Invoice Error

Hi, I’m trying to create a Quickbooks online invoice and am running into “Missing value of required parameter ‘type’.” error.

Error Message

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I don’t see any Type field in your screenshot of the QuickBooks module.

Perhaps you might need to install the DevTool to view additional details about the error.

If you have the Make DevTool Chrome extension installed, you should be able to view the request and response headers and body from each module when you manually run the scenario.

From the Help Center article about the Make DevTool:

Make DevTool allows you to debug your Make scenarios in a completely new way. It adds an extra pane to the Chrome Developer Tools. Using this new debugger pane, you’re able to check all the manual runs of your scenario, review all the performed operations and see the details of every API call performed. It also brings a whole bunch of new opportunities for Apps development. You’re able to check every call that your app has performed. Thanks to this extension, you can easily debug your scenario, see which module, operation, even which single response causes the error, and then get your scenario back on track. Try it out and let your scenarios shine!

For more information on how to install and use this, see https://www.make.com/en/help/scenarios/integromat-devtool


Thanks @samliew for the Chrome plugin suggestion.

I’ve updated my JSON string which has resolved the “Missing value of type” error.

Now I’m hitting “Line.SalesItemLineDetail” is missing. Any thoughts?

I’m not familiar with Quickbooks, so I can’t help you any further. Perhaps you should create a new question for that specific issue.

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