Connecting FB Lead forms to Airtable. 422 error?

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When testing my connection between FB lead form and Airtable I’m getting a 422 error for the one question I ask in the form.

When I map the correct field it fails. If I enter a static answer it successfully completes the lead creation but with that static answer, not the actual question answer in the form.

Any ideas?

Can you share with me what your FB lead output looks like and how you are mapping it in the Airtable module?

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Here is the scenario including the last FB module before the airtable. Sorry for all the pics. Hoping you can figure it all out.

Hi @FireEngine,

Seems like the how_do_you_identify field is a Multiple select fields right? The data that you are getting from FB lead is an array so it doesn’t match what is required for the mapping in Airtable.

Can you provide details on the field type of how_do_you_identify? What you can do is if it a multiselect,


That was it!! Thank you!