Connecting Notion and Make

HI guys, I’m trying to connect Notion to Make, but it is destroying my will to live. I am following all the tutorials I can, but I keep getting the error “403: Insufficient permissions for this end point”

I am choosing Internal Notion. I’ve added the Integration in Notion and added the secret API key.

Any ideas?
Thanks guys

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I have exactly the same problem

Try this tutorial - It helped - [Tutorial] Sync Google Calendar and Notion in one fully automated scenario - YouTube


Ok I just solved the problem. I went on the integration I created inside Notion (where you can copy the secret API Key), clicked on “Capabilities” and under “User Capabilities” I selected “Read user information including email addresses”.

Also, I added the integration on every page I have on my workspace in notion, by clicking the three dots above on the right, going on the “connections” section and adding my created integration for Make.

I hope this works for you too!

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Hi @philparkinson and @Angela_Pulvirenti happy Friday :wave:

I just wanted to quickly step in and say a big thank you for stepping in and sharing your findings and insights on this topic. I’m sure this will prove incredibly helpful to anyone who bumps into this issue in the future.

Thanks for keeping the community updated and awesome work figuring out the solutions for yourself :clap: