Connecting Placetel to Make

Hello, I’m looking for help in connecting the service Placetel to Make:

I want to set up a simple scenario that whenever a call over the service Placetel is being made or received a message to a Slack channel is being sent.

Unfortunately connecting Placetel to Make to even start the scenario is not intuitive.
And very unfortunately the documentation page for Placetel doesn’t exists in the Make documentation.

So when I select the module Placetel Make gives me the option to create a webhook.
On Placetel then I can activate a Notify API and enter the Make webhook URL as API endpoint there.
And the scenario runs fine - but only for one type of calls.

I set up the scenario for incoming calls. that runs fine.

But I have to create a new scenario for outgoing calls as it is a different trigger within make - “Watch outgoing calls” vs “watch incoming calls”.

So when I select the Placetel module with the outgoing call trigger in a new scenario make asks me again to set up a webhook. make doesn’t let me choose the webhook I created in the incoming call scenario. I only have the option to create a new.

But I cannot enter a second webhook as API endpoint to the Notify API on Placetel.

So I’m in the dilemma of I can only use one URL as API endpoint on Placetel but I need more URLs as webhooks to run the different scenarios in make for all types of calls from Placetel.

Did anybody face this problem already?
What is the solution to this?

Thank you very much for your help.

If you see a limitation from Placetel to configure only one webhook, then try using Custom Webhook module in Make.

Create a scenario and custom webhook as the trigger. Now configure this single webhook in Placetel and enable it to send all the call types events to this webhook.

In your scenario, apply a router and filter conditions to route call types to different routes.

Refer to the custom webhook module here:

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Hello @Manish_GrowwStacks ,

thank you so much for your help. That really did the trick.
I couldn’t think outside the placetel module.

Thanks again,

Christin from Coyotiv

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