Make API Endpoints

I’ve been starting to dig into Make’s API endpoints because we have several internal automations that I would like to… well… automate.

Very quickly I can see that I will be making use of the HTTP module more than the Make module, since the built-in Make one has very limited functionality.

Blueprints, scenarios, hooks, it all make sense so far.

First hitch I am running into without many resources to help is the “formId” field for hooks.

We have scenarios for each of several Slack channels that each watch a single channel for new messages. The Slack’s webhooks presumably only handle one channel at a time, or I would just send all messages from all channels to Make and do my filtering there. Since I have new clients coming in with new Slack channels, I would like to automate the creation (duplication) of new scenarios to handle these new channels. However, I need a new “hook” for each new scenario. There is an endpoing for creating new hooks, but what is the “formId” and are there examples of what it is?

As far as I can tell, there must be a form that is created behind the scenes somewhere that contains the information necessary to send to Slack to create the webhook. Are there some examples of these or resources on how to use them? Do I possibly have to send a separate POST request to Slack to set up the webhook on their end?