Connection error to Mastodon

I am trying to set-up a connection with Mastodon. Every time I try Mastodon returns an error
The redirect uri included is not valid.

There have been some previous discussions on this forum as to the correct format of the redirect uri to be used, but none of those work.

There is also a help page Connect Mastodon with Make Using OAuth Credentials but that’s nor very helpful as the screen shots do actually show the fields populated.

I have also logged a ticket with Support but had no response.

Has anyone been able to get it to work?

Hello, welcome to Make Community!

Could you please show how did you make a connection setup in Make?

In a basic Mastodon connection, there’s no need to provide a redirect URL, only a server name. After clicking on Save, there will be OAuth window, where you need to log into your account on the server.


I was using the advanced settings as shown in Connect Mastodon with Make Using OAuth Credentials So it looks like those instractions need updating. Your ‘simpler’ method does seem to work. Thanks.