Connection to Zoom DELETE API endpoint not authorized

I am trying to use Zoom’s “Make API Call” module. The module’s connection works fine with basic GET functions, but I am trying to DELETE a user and my Zoom connection won’t support it.

This is the scenario module’s error message:

[4711] Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[user:write:admin, user:write].

My Zoom App does have scope user:write:admin but as far as I can tell there is no user:write available to Zoom OAuth apps any more:

(FWIW, we don’t use sub-accounts)

Does anyone know what I need to do in order to set up a module to make use of Zoom’s /v2/users DELETE endpoint (with "action:“delete”)?

My connection is configured per:

Lastly, the Zoom account I am using is an admin in the Zoom org, and the admin role settings include “Bulk delete, unlink, and deactivate” & “Server-to-server OAuth app”

Anyone here who’s successfully using the Zoom’s Admin module, “Make API Call” to invoke a DELETE user API call?


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello :blob_wave:,

It seems the “user:write” scope might be the culprit.
According to Zoom API docs, the scope should be included in “User Scopes” and is mandatory for “Delete a User” endpoint.

I would then recommend checking the issue with Zoom support as the scope is clearly missing from your custom app scope selection.

Cheerio :cat_roomba:


Can you try using the user:master scope?