Consolidate Stripe Invoices by Customer

Hi Make Community!

I’m looking for some advice on streamlining my Monthly Invoicing Process scenario. My objective is to generate invoices for the previous month’s projects and invoice clients accordingly.

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish:

  1. Identify projects from the previous month in my “Project Board” Airtable table.
  2. Verify if the clients from these projects are existing customers in Stripe.
  3. If a client doesn’t exist in Stripe, the scenario should create a new customer.
  4. Create an invoice item for each project (row in Airtable).
  5. Group these invoice items by customer so that all items for one customer are on a single invoice.
  6. Create draft invoices in Stripe, grouped by customer.

The current setup creates a Airtable record, which is then used to create the invoice in Stripe. I want to eliminate this intermediary step and directly create a draft invoice for each customer, consolidating all items for that customer.

The challenge arises when I remove the Airtable record creation modules. The scenario starts creating individual invoices for each item instead of bundling them by client.

To put it simply, I’m looking to have one draft invoice per customer in Stripe that includes all items related to that customer’s projects from the previous month. Could someone guide me on how to adjust my scenario to achieve this bundling by customer without creating extra Airtable records?

Any help or pointers you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @Kieran

Welcome to the community.

First of all, I think that it will start with the list of the Customers for the last month. Then check if the customer exits or not.

Then for the customer create a new invoice. From that module, you will get the invoice number.

Then search for the invoices for one customer from the last month and then with the aggregator add all the items in the new invoice that you have created.

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