Creating stripe invoice items, with recurring payment type

I am trying to use an AirTable button to trigger a webhook signal.

Make then attempts to get the data/information from the record via the “Get a Record” module.

Make will then request for Stripe to search for the Customer within Stripe’s list of customers based on the email address provided.

Should it fail, it will create a new customer before resuming.
After which, Stripe should attempt to create an invoice item, an invoice, and then send out the invoice, but this is where I am facing errors.

Stripe returns me with an error that says:

The operation failed with an error. Parameter: price The price specified is set to type=recurring but this field only accepts prices with type=one_time.”

The product in question is created on Stripe:

  • Has the product name
  • a description
  • pricing model is standard pricing
  • price is 200.00
  • It is a recurring payment
  • currency is sgd
  • billing period is custom: every 7 weeks

The module looks like this:

The price id being the product ID i copied from Stripe.

When I create an invoice item of a “one time” payment item, it works, but the module actually triggers 10 times, I only need it to run once.

Can someone please advise on how I can resolve this issue? Or if it is possible in the first place?

@theswimstarter it is possible to do that but I am not seeing any routers or filters or error handlers that you will be using to reroute if the client or not found