Continue Operation if there is no image to iterate

I seem to be having an issue with my scenario, where the information will only continue if there is an image that runs through the “Iterator” module. Sometimes there are no images available, so I would like the scenario to continue running.

Is there a way to bypass this if there is no image available?

Hey @Jarryd_Williams ,

What happens after the iterator? Do you use the information from the iterator?

An iterator only continues if there is data in an array, otherwise it stops. If there is no image, you can add an array to the iterator itself with some mockup data. This would then be used and the scenario would continue:

{{ifempty(22.Array[1].Initial Profile Picture[]; add(emptyarray; "mock"))}}

What you do here, is adding a mockup array if its empty by using the add() function.
However, the modules afterwards which are using the arrays information might throw an error, since its some weird data you put in here.

let me know if that helps you!

@Drivn Thanks for this. I had tried something similar but did not add “add(emptyarray,“mock”)”.

The information is sometimes required, but i snot critical at this junction.

@Drivn Just testing this a little more and the scenario continues to run, however if there is an image that relates to the “Iterator” module available, it is not adding that image.

Would the Aggregator solve this?

I am not sure what you are referring to exactly. Please share some more details and screenshots.