Continue scenario if items between two databases match, Notion & Toggl

I use a combination between Toggl and Notion to track my time on my client projects

Whenever I create a new project or add a new client, they get added to Toggl too. Now, I’m not interested in the Client part, but rather in the Project Part. Whenever a project gets added from Notion to Toggl, Toggl gives it an ID and after that, the ID gets copied into my Notion DB.

That’s a simple automation that I already have working

Now, my thought process was that, now that I have the same ID’s, I could export the time spent on the project by matching the ID’s. How can I do that on make? How can I search for a property on the Notion DB and if it matches with the one that I have on Toggl, make it update that specific property?

Any insight on this is mutch appreciated

Hi @Dani_Ifrim

I don’t use Notion so I can’t tell you, if it is possible to search an item based on the toggl-ID. If not, you might want to use a Datastore to match Toggl-ID with the Notion-Item-ID.

But I use Toggl and there is a module called “Get a detailed report” which gives you all entries of the last 7 days. But you can sort, filter and also use a different timeframe.

  1. Get report
  2. Search Notion DB Item based on the toggl ID
  3. Add “time spent (duration)” to the amount already stores in Notion.

The duration in the Toggl report is in milliseconds.



Thank you @ecomsilio, I’ve just tried that and it’s very close to what I actually want, just a couple of tweaks more. Thanks :+1:t3:

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