Make sends running time entries from Toggl to Notion, then re-sends them when they are finished

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I have zero practical skill with programing, so bear with me. Toggl sends to my Notion database time entries that are currently running. then it sends them again when I stop those time entries. How do I stop this behavior? It’s wasting my operations.

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Toggl module

Toggl Input

Notion Module

Notion output

Final result

I tried copying and pasting the code, but it still pastes raw, even when I insert it into the provided code text indications.

HI @Cristobal_Alarcon

To solve the issue, it is better to check if the database item already exists using the module “Search Objects”. If available, you can update it using the module “Update a Database Item”.

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Hi @Msquare_Automation, thank you! But I don’t understand how to translate what you said into the editor.

What modules do I use? How many? In what order? I did find the Search objects and Update Database Item, but I don’t know in what order to place them :dizzy_face:

I tried using the “Update Database Item” but I couldn’t figure which MAP thingy to use in the Database Item ID field.

PS: I’m looking for something like Zapier does it. It only sends the time entry to my database only when I stop the timer.