How to make scenario repeat

Hi all, I have a Notion database that is designed to Watch new database items based on updated time and then filter for if they are labeled as Ready to go to the next stage and if they aren’t they don’t do anything. The issue is that it runs every 15 minutes so if I picks up an item marked as ‘Not Ready’ in the first 15 minute interval, and then that item is marked as

‘Ready’ 30 mins later it won’t pick up that database item again. Essentially once a database item passes through the filter it never goes through again even if the database item has changed, is there a way to make it go through again?

Thank you!

Hello @Zak_M, nice to meet you.

Can you please send a screenshot with your scenario and your filter setup?


Thanks for your message! The layout looks like the photos as above.

This is the Watch database item setup as well.