Trigger Scenario only when a specific column is updated in Notion Database

I’ve spent days on this issue but what I am trying to do is fairly simple.

  1. I have a Notion database being watched (which triggers the scenario if any database item is updated or added)
  2. If a specific column(Notion property) of any entry(Notion page) of my database is changed, continue the scenario; if any other column is changed, stop the scenario.

The rest of my scenario just checks the value of the column and runs different modules based on the value of the specific column. This second part works just fine, the issue is the scenario runs if any column is changed, not just the one I want watched for changes.

Hi @Eddy,

I haven’t used this Notion Module but it triggers for every change in the database. You need to filter only those changes you want to process. Does this help?


Unfortunately no, I used the filter via the connector and that does not work. The problem is the trigger runs with any change in any column. I need it to run only when a specific column is edited.

To use the filter option I would need to somehow check the previous state of my desired column when a trigger comes in, then run the scenario only if the value has changed from the previous value. I don’t know if that is possible either.

I will be able to help.
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