Notion status update - trigger scenario problem

Hello, can you help me please. I just need a simple thing…

I am sending email reports based on updates in watched Notion database.
The problem is, I need to trigger scenario only if the specific Notion properly was updated,
but nothing else. For example, only if “status” in database was updated - send emails.
But now, it is sending emails after any property update. I was trying to solve it by filter, but without success.

Thank you

Hi. If you want monitor one property and this property has not datetime for updates in the json, you must save the last change in the datastore and check if was update after the trigger.

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Thank you, I dived into datastore probelmatics and it’s starting to be more complex…
Basicaly I will be recteating sort of Notion database in Make store, just to track the specific cahnge in one property - that’s insane. But I’ve tried to do it anyway somewhow. But I hit the wall and asking humbly for your help.

I can’t force scenario to trigger when record in store doesn’t exist to make it. The flow of data will get somehow cut and it won’t do anything… but if I switch condition to “does exist” it’s creating new records as crazy (make a duplicate already existing ones)… But that’s the opposite I need.

I did exactly liek in this tuto How to use DATA STORES in Integromat [2022 Tutorial] - YouTube
I hava no idea what I am doing wrong.