Notion Trigger - Watch Database Items not working

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 7.41.59 PM

I’ve set a workflow that watches for updates on a Simple Notion Database and runs the scenario if there are updates on this.

Have tried the Make An API Call Module and watch database/pages. None of them seem to trigger the scenario when I update the notion Database.

Hi @Rahil_Michael ,

Your scenario seems to have given results, in fact the presence of the bubble with a 1 indicates the presence of data.
Could you add some screenshots:

  • one with the output data of the 1st module
  • one with the input data mapping of the 2nd module
  • one with the output data of the 2nd module ?

It will help to understand what is happening.



Hey @Philippe_Billet,

Thanks for the reply, those output data logs are from the manual trigger I ran before screenshotting this.

I have a database with some details and I need the whole scenario to run when this database get updated. So that’s not happening in spite of setting an on-demand trigger.

  1. List item

Hi @Rahil_Michael, to automatically check for updated database items, you may try using a polling trigger (scheduled to run every X minutes), instead of an on-demand trigger. Here is the documentation about the difference:


Thanks, Simo. Looks like I have to settle for this. But nothing like an instant trigger though.