Notion watch database items is triggered with the oldest items instead of the newest

Hi All,
i am working on a simple scenario where task status is automaticaly updated according to its subtasks statuses (so for instance if all subtasks are “done” then so is the parent task)
so naturally the first module in my scenario should be the watch Database items.
the thing is - this module gives me items that have last been updated 3-4 months ago, and it doesnt output anything new (i tried to take one of my newest tickets and and change some text… it didnt cause anything to trigger sadly)

i feel that i am missing something here
can someone assist with helping me configure this so it will only take the items that were just updated?

Hi Matan,
You may try the following:

  1. Ensure the “Watch Database Items” module is set up to trigger at “Updated Items” (you can find this setting inside the module)
  2. Right-click on your “Watch database items” module > select “Choose where to start” > select “From now on” > Save the scenario

Let us know how it goes