Notion Triggers not Working on Database Change

Notion Database Trigger not Working

I’m to create a simple invoice automation process using a Notion database. I want this process to trigger anytime I create a new database entry in Notion database. This database is then traversed for specific items in the entry that are then pushed into merge tags in a google doc. This entire process is working perfectly when I run it once with zero errors.

The problem is when I turn on the automation and try to trigger it from Notion automatically it never works. I’ve tried scheduled updates and on demand and neither will trigger the make automation. I currently have the trigger setup to update on any change to the database (on demand trigger.) I do into Notion database and create a new item and nothing happens. Then if I run the make automation manually, the sequence works perfectly. Trigger appears to be broken or I’m missing something.

Please advise. Any ideas/help are much appreciated!

This is a known issue on Notion’s end, and we cannot do anything about it except to complain to Notion support. For more information, see ongoing issue Notion API bad gateway - #32 by Michaela