Property that triggers Notion (Watch Database Items) module


Basically I want to get the property that was modified in the Notion database and triggered the “Notion Watch Database Items”.

At the moment, webhooks are not available in the Notion API. So, it is not possible to get the latest modified property via the Notion API yet. Unless you want to get updates to specific properties in Slack, which is available natively in Notion databases.

One possible workaround you may use is to use a Data Store in Make and compare + update the values in the Data Store each time the automation runs.

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Could u give an scenario with that workaround please?

The modules involved in the scenario would be:

  1. (Notion) Watch database items / Search objects

  2. (Data Store) Search records - using Notion “page id”

2a. Filter - if any of the values between Notion and Data Store differ

  1. whatever additional actions you want next

  2. (Data Store) Update record

In the Data Store, add a Data Structure that includes the Notion properties you want to monitor for changes, with the same data type as in Notion (e.g., text, number, date). Also include a field for “Notion ID” to ensure you can search records each time using the unique identifier of the page.

This scenario compares the property changes every time it runs and would continue only when the properties you want to monitor vary.