Controlling Get Emails better

Sorry in advance for the noob question.
I’m simply trying to get all the emails with either “Auto” or “Re:” in the subject and put them in a google sheet.

In the Subject field of Get Emails, I tried putting Re:[“or” operator]Auto, or simply Auto|Re:, nothing works And I didn’t find any documentation on how to use the different functions in those fields.

I’m sure the answer is simple but I’m not getting it despite my best efforts.

Hello @Nicolas_Huve,

It doesn’t appear that field supports regular expression searches, which is basically what you need here.

One option is to monitor all emails then create a filter to process the remaining modules only when the message matches the filter conditions. This has potential to use a lot of Ops depending on how many emails you receive.

Here is a possible workaround for you:

  • Add a new folder (or Label if it’s Google Mail)
  • Create a filter that moves or copies the mail to that new folder
  • Change your module to monitor that folder only

Optionally, if you copied the mail and marked it as read in your Inbox, delete it from the new folder when you’re done processing it leaving the read copy in Inbox.

Or, if you moved the message to the new folder, move it back to Inbox once done processing it.

Hope that helps!


Filtering bundles doesn’t use ops, so if the trigger module is a search module, and you’re filtering out all the non-results, it only takes a single op to run :slight_smile:


Hey Sam, sorry maybe I wasn’t clear on that one.
I was referring to the option of a trigger module getting ALL emails, then filtering them before moving on to the next module.
If that’s instant, then it would be 1 Op per email, right?
If it’s scheduled or on demand, then it would be 1 Op to run it + 1 op for each email that passes the filter?


I think since it’s just data storage (in a spreadsheet), then you don’t really need a realtime/instant trigger anyway, and “get emails” should work fine for this, so you can potentially search for the new mail as scheduled so you can handle/filter them in the same execution.


That’s a great point, thanks for the tip!


Eventually I ended up asking chatGPT to code me a Python script that does exactly what I needed. Thanks tho. I’ll get backto Make if I have other needs.

Cool! Did you know, one of the Make integrations, 0CodeKit, has a module that lets you run Python?


There are other programming modules supported by this integration too, check it out if you want to extend Make!

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